The Lounge

I may be the Spy in the Kitchen but I want to share some intel and history on The Lounge which recently opened for business.  The Lounge is truly a great example of entrepreneurial spirit and seizing opportunities … the prior retail store was struggling and we saw that developing an adjacent tapas restaurant & bar was not only incredibly synergistic to The Kitchen by providing a gathering place pre/post dinner service, but also as a means to help create more of an evening destination in the heart of Pittsford Village.  We took over the lease in May and immediately went to work on gutting and refurbishing the space.  We decided to renew what we believe to be the original Terrazzo flooring of our funky little historic building (which is super cool… defects and all) and we even had to add a second staircase for extra access to the basement kitchen.  Our goal was to open in August 2016 with an outdoor patio area in the rear but it was determined that some Village Code had to be changed prior to issuance of our operational permit.  Suffice to say, changing a law is a bit of a glacial process and it caused many months of delay.  I will say that despite the many hurdles, the members of the Pittsford Village Board of Trustees were always very professional and, in particular, Mayor Bob Corby, Alysa Plummer and Frank Galusha are truly great stewards and visionaries for the Village!  Anyhow, with a final humbling display of public support, we were ultimately issued our permit in mid-November and thankfully opened for business on 11/30.  Phew!

But we are not done my friends…. alas, modern fire code doesn’t really like basements from 150 yrs ago so we are waiting on a NYS Variance to fully utilize the basement kitchen.  Until that gets resolved, we are a bit limited in the breadth of tapas we can offer (note to self… get Chef Cipolla and his staff on Cutthroat Kitchen because they can deliver a perfect soufflé with a only a plastic spork and a coffee heating pad) but we are fortunately 100% with creative cocktails, local beers and wine.  Furthermore … when we exit our Siberian-like winter in the May timeframe, we are going to build that outdoor patio in the back of The Lounge.  Your Spy will be giddy to sip a wonderful post-dinner cocktail under a warm summer night sky.  I hope you’ll join me.  Spy out.