I appreciate art but I love food; specifically eating food.  In the world of art, provenance is the term used to describe the chronology of ownership and possibly the context under which it was created.  It’s the reason a bloodstained and bullet ridden flag from General Custer’s army found at Little Bighorn sells for $5M.  Similarly, I enjoy food even more when I know the farmer or plot of gorgeous earth that produced a luscious peach or the intricate process that took place to provide me with a Cave-aged Swiss gruyere.  On the fall menu, the “Salt Cod, Chorizo, Potato” is not only a glorious 1st course for the taste buds with Chef Cipolla’s typical artful presentation, but it is also offered with some tantalizing provenance about the dish that makes the difference between a yummy bite and something memorable.  We are told this play on “breakfast” stems from Chef’s love of camping.  The handmade river rock plates were coated to look wetted by a mountain stream.  A spun potato, chorizo, salt cod and manchego cheese “nest” hold a sous vide quail egg that tastes exactly like an entire Adirondack campfire breakfast in a bite or two.  The Spy heard it was quite challenging to convince Chef Cipolla to agree to distributing forks with this course because, after all, it’s supposed to be a camping experience.  Enjoy!  Spy out.