Adventurous Eaters Wanted

Ever listen to NPR’s “Hidden Brain”?  Described as “Using science and storytelling, Hidden Brain reveals the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, and the biases that shape our choices”, it’s a wonderful program and I’m sure I would be far more giddy at meeting the host (Shankar Vedantam) than, say, Kim Kardashian.  Anyhow, despite the fact that this Spy is not even close to being a social scientist, I suspect a real scientist would get a kick out of data on the people that email asking for details on what sort of “pizza” we are serving on the latest menu vs. those that actually dine with us.

We all have our biases and expectations that factor into the many food choices we make every day.  A “picky” eater actually has a logical basis for their preferences to only order filet mignon and mashed potatoes when dining out. They liked it the last time so why risk not liking something different?  However, I can only assume an adventurous eater (because I am one) values the joy of discovery more than playing it safe. Which type of eater are you? …or maybe you’re normally picky but are feeling a little adventurous?

So get ready folks … spoiler alert!! ... The Kitchen’s “Pizza” is a bit different that Papa John’s. The same goes for the Fish Tacos and pretty much anything else on the menu.  When I see people laughing and happily discussing the various flavors of the “pizza” I know they are enjoying that pleasurable feeling of realizing a hidden bias; of stepping outside of a culinary comfort zone and witnessing at little bit of the world in a different light.

Here’s your chance to maybe have the first sous vide pizza in your lifetime.  It’s a perfect tomato cooked at precise water-bath temperature filled with house-made mozzarella and sweet Italian sausage.  You might find some aged balsamic vinegar “pearls” or powdered olive oil that pop or melt in your mouth depending how Chef wants to tease your senses.  To only further emphasize my point about biases (and to include a bit of obligatory food porn), the 2nd photo is Chef’s interpretation of “Cake & Ice Cream”.  Have fun in your adventure!