A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Chef had a much needed vacation.  While he was trying to relax and dream up the midsummer menu, your Spy was of course peppering him with a hundred questions.  All I got back was “Yes Montreal! I had 200g of Pâté for breakfast.”  That’s it.  For a entire week.   Fortunately, Chef is back now and the menu has been revealed.  What I’m going to do first is save you from a bunch of Google searches.  Here’s what you may not know:

Amuse-Bouche – Literally “mouth amuser”

Taleggio – a semisoft, washed-rind, smear-ripened Italian Cheese.  It is fruity with a strong beautiful aroma.

Turbot – From our seafood purveyor Browne Trading Company, this fish is an elite seafood selection. It is similar to Dover Sole with a delicate and mild taste and firm, bright-white fillets.

Coq au Vin – a classic French dish of chicken braised with red wine, lardons, mushrooms and garlic.  Chef’s interpretation; of course!

Enjoy!  Spy out.