Keeping it Regional

I wanted to recognize a few of our wonderful purveyors.  It’s simple, if you want the very best tasting food a good place to start is high quality ingredients and we are honored to have some of the best regional purveyors available.  I have previously mentioned the renowned Brown Trading Company ( from ME is a wonderful seafood purveyor who often sends us notes about what products are doing well on the day boats.  Even more locally, we are grateful to utilize the Headwater Food Hub ( which connects us to some of the freshest local and sustainable food.  For example, the rabbit from current menu comes from Allens Hill Farm in Bloomfield and the ramps in the same dish are wild foraged.   First Light Farm and Creamery has been our go-to source for cheese since day 1 and I may remember the drunken goat cheese they once provided us until the day I die.  My final shout out goes to our fabulous coffee partners; Glenn Edith Coffee Roasters  Folks, I’ll tell you honestly, my bar for coffee is pretty darn high but their single source beans combined with the carefully tuned “pour over” preparation conducted by Jay; our maître d’, always produces a cup of coffee that is nothing short of extraordinary.