Wine Pairing — Thinking about Spring

Our Sommelier, Hannah, has composed a beautiful wine pairing for our early spring menu.  I wanted to get into her head and try to appreciate the thought process behind a pairing like the flavor profiles she’s keying off of and how she finds options that typically enhance our diner’s appreciation for wine.  Here’s what she said:

“When I think of Spring time I think of fresh green grass and awakening of all things asleep during the winter. With that in mind, Chef Joe has created a beautiful dish consisting of house made Burrata, balsamic ‘caviar’, a pickled tomato and a fresh, palate cleansing basil sauce. When I first tasted this dish, I immediately thought of the bright acidity of Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon Blanc is grown all over the world and in many different styles.  It differs in style from the grassy, citrusy, gooseberry-like New Zealand wine to the mineral driven Loire Valley wines. Seeking something different, I chose a wine from a very small appellation (250 acres) in northern Burgundy;  La Chablisienne Sauvignon de Saint Bris 2014. The Saint Bris appellation lies a little less than 10 miles from Chablis in northeastern France and is somewhat of an anomaly in Burgundy, which is well known for reds made from Pinot Noir and whites from Chardonnay.  The wine is reminiscent of Chablis, which tend to be full of pleasant acidity from the far northern location but the La Chablisienne Saint Bris also has beautiful aromas of lemongrass, lime and fresh green herbs. On the palate, it has terrific minerality and balanced acidity. It is a perfect match for Chef Joe’s pickled tomato course.”

In addition to Hannah’s expertise, we are thankful to have a wonderful partnership with Opici Wines which has stayed boutique and family owned for a century.  The ever effervescent Anna Ellis went far beyond the call of duty to make our early pairings work.  Thanks Hannah and Anna!

 A Rose & 3 Whites from Hannah's pairing -- The La Chablisienne Saint Bris is second from left

A Rose & 3 Whites from Hannah’s pairing — The La Chablisienne Saint Bris is second from left