First Blog — Opah!

We have a passion for food and for educating our diners.  Anyone that has dined with us before knows that Chef Cipolla expertly describes the ingredients that comprise each dish and typically shares some story behind the dish’s creation.  However, there is never enough time to go deeper and share more interesting facts about what might be unfamiliar culinary territory.  Therefore, we have decided to start a blog that is meant to be informational and fun about each menu.  First up and also our first course in the early spring 2016 menu is …. Opah!

Opah, also known as Moonfish, is beautiful Frisbee shaped tropical fish with red fins and silver body that can grow to 2 meters in diameter.  The cool fact about Opah is that it’s the only truly warm blooded fish meaning that it can consistently keep its entire body warmer than its environment.  Our Opah is line caught sustainably off the coast of Hawaii and flown to us nearly whole.  The fillets have a orange color and a firm texture with an even higher oil content than salmon.  I’m not going to reveal the full preparation (you’ll have to see that for yourself) but it is a ceviche style (e.g. raw but cured in citrus juices).